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Adrian McKinty’s THE CHAIN

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

It’s been a while between drinks for Adrian McKinty. There was no new book in 2018. The Sean Duffy trilogy has been in full swing. Already up to six books with myself and countless other readers chomping at the bit for more. The books are outstandingly written with great plots, black humour and a setting not often covered in fiction. The Sean Duffy series is beyond a doubt the best detective series currently being written. By a long long way. And it will go down as one of the greatest detective series of all-time when it reaches a conclusion. As a bookseller I cannot work out why the Sean Duffy series isn’t at the mega-bestseller, Stieg Larsson echelon of bestsellers. It is for my bookshop where Sean Duffy now outsells Rebus & Bosch 2-to-1. My customers are well and truly hooked on the series and just want more.

But luckily for us all Adrian McKinty has been hard at work (but sadly has left Melbourne for New York). He has also found a new agent, a man called Shane Salerno. Shane is a screenwriter come literary agent who is revolutionizing the way authors are being represented. Don Winslow credits him with saving his career and he has just done the same thing for Adrian McKinty. Not only do we have three more Sean Duffy books on their way (yes, that’s right people three, 3, III, count them 1-2-3) but Adrian McKinty is about to explode with his new thriller in July: The Chain.

This is a thriller that bolts out of the gate and doesn’t turn around until you are breathless and on the cusp of collapsing. Rachel is the single mother of a teenage daughter who has just beaten cancer and is on the verge of getting her life back on track after her divorce. That is until her daughter Kylie is abducted on the way to school one morning and Rachel receives a phone call telling her that if she wants her daughter back alive she must pay a ransom and then kidnap another child where she must repeat the process that is being done to her. Welcome to The Chain. The Chain goes on forever. The Chain cannot be broken.

To say this novel is intense is a gross understatement. The outline above is literally the first chapter. Where Adrian McKinty takes the story from here is mindblowing and relentless. The plotting is razor sharp with all angles of escape covered and the consequences for the characters involved devastating. This is unlike anything Adrian has written before and is going to open up his readership to a whole new audience (which will then have the absolute joy of discovering Sean Duffy in his back catalogue). If Hollywood hasn’t already snapped this up they will very shortly. I can totally see the film in my head as it has all the elements there ready to go. Great characters, small cast, tight plot whose momentum never lets up.

2019 is going to be the year the rest of the world finally discovers what a lot of us know already. That Adrian McKinty is an immensely talented writer and he is going to be a huge bestseller. And to Shane Salerno and the publisher that gets to put these books out into the world, well done and thank you.


Trade Paperback JUL 9, 2019 | 9780733642517 | RRP $32.99

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