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Ben Aaronovitch’s MOON OVER SOHO

Peter Grant is beginning to find his feet again after the events of his last case and is more than used to be called up by the Metropolitan Police for any weird cases they come across. With his supervising DCI (and his magic teacher) Thomas Nightingale and his best friend and occasional partner Lesley May still recovering from injuries Peter must juggle two strange cases on his own where magic seems to be involved.

The first involves two men who have both been killed after their appendages have been bitten off (not by teeth in the usual location). While Peter is following up leads he comes across a series of deaths involving jazz musicians. The musicians appear to have died from natural causes but the scent of magic is all over the victims. Something or someone is stalking jazz musicians in Soho and Peter is taking this more than seriously as his father, also know as Lord Grant, is famous in the jazz scene and Peter has no idea who will be targeted next. His investigation takes him through the history of Soho and its music clubs and of course magic is always lurking just below the surface.

I really love this series. Aaronovitch packs the story with the history of London and a wicked sense of humour which is cynical, self-deprecating and quick-witted. I am going to try really hard to ration this series so I don’t just gobble the rest of the books up!

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ISBN: 9780575097629 ISBN-10: 0575097620 Classification: Fantasy Format: Paperback (196mm x 131mm x 25mm) Pages: 384 Imprint: Gollancz Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Publish Date: 13-Oct-2011 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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