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Books on Evenings with Dominic Knight ABC Local Radio NSW – January 17

Here are the books I discussed with Dominic Knight on ABC Local Radio NSW on Tuesday January 17:

John Harvey is the British Peter Temple. I’m not going to go into a synopsis of this novel because while the story is brilliant what makes this book stand out is the writing and the characters. The story unfolds for the reader just as is does for the two main characters: DCI Karen Shields (a city homicide detective) and DI Trevor Cordon (a small town policeman); piece by piece, somewhat unrelated but as dots start to connect things begin to become clearer while other things remain elusive. Read full review

Stuart Neville is fast becoming one of my favourite crime writers. Galya has just killed a ‘client’. Unfortunately the ‘client’ is the brother of a very important and ruthless man. She must now out run his revenge but ends up jumping out of the fry pan into a very vicious fire. Get on the Stuart Neville bandwagon now because this guy is going to be huge. Read full review

I think this is quite possibly McKinty’s best book to date. Set in Belfast, 1981 at the height of the troubles, amid riots and hunger strikes a killer is on the loose. McKinty brilliantly evokes the war zone feel of Belfast but at the a same time cuts through the bleakness with perfect humour. This is the start of a superb new trilogy set and is one of the best crime books I’ve read. Read full review

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