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Chuck Wendig’s INVASIVE

Set in the aftermath of Chuck Wendig’s previous book, Zer0es, the main character of the novel is futurist Hannah Stander. She is a consultant for the FBI specialising in end of the world scenarios and cutting edge technology. When she is called to a crime scene at a cabin by a lake in upstate New York she is at first skeptical as to her needed involvement. But that quickly changes as what appears to be a new genetically modified species of ant appears to have been used as a murder weapon. Hannah’s investigation leads her to an eccentric billionaire who has invested heavily in the field of genetically modified insects. But is he responsible for the new terror? Or is it one of his employees gone rogue? Or one of his cutthroat competitors? Hannah must quickly cut through the lies and paranoia before it is too late. For all of us.

Wendig unfolds the story in classic Michael Crichton fashion. Guiding us through the facts and science of ants and the cutting edge research being done while slowly unleashing a small, unrelenting, flesh eating terror upon the world. The books adds to your own paranoid terror by scattering illustrations of ants in the corners and binding of the book so as you read you literally feel like ants are about crawl all over your flesh.

No one has really taken up the mantle from Michael Crichton in recent years but now with this book and Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter it appears the future of the mind-bending, thought-provoking, unimaginably-terrifying techno thriller is in new and very good hands.

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ISBN: 9780062351579 ISBN-10: 0062351575 Classification: Fiction & related items » Thriller / suspense » Political / legal thriller Format: Hardback (229mm x 157mm x 30mm) Pages: 336 Imprint: HarperCollins Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc Publish Date: 1-Sep-2016 Country of Publication: United States

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