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Chuck Wendig’s THE CORMORANT

Miriam has always struggled with her curse, the ability to see how someone dies after touching them. At first she thought she was unable to stop people’s deaths. The trying took a huge emotional toll and eventually she started using her ‘gift’ to opportunely steal from the recently deceased. But she learned in Blackbirds that there was a way to stop death.

She then learned in Mockingbird that there were others who shared similar gifts to her and this opened a whole new can of horrors for her to deal with. Now somebody is messing with her gift and it looks like this is finally going to send Miriam over the edge.

Chuck Wendig structures this book brilliantly. The story is told by Miriam to two FBI agents and even though you know where Miriam is going to end up at the end of the novel you are still kept guessing all the way to the last page. Miriam is also being left messages in her visions and Wendig uses “fate” (and Miriam’s ability to possibly alter it) to keep you on tenterhooks. And as per usual the humour is wickedly black.

If you haven’t read this series yet jump on the band wagon now!

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ISBN: 9780857663382 ISBN-10: 0857663380 Classification: Fantasy , Thriller / suspense Format: Paperback / softback Pages: 384 Imprint: Angry Robot Publisher: Angry Robot Publish Date: 31-Dec-2013 Country of Publication: United States

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