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Hope Arden is forgettable, literally. Nobody remembers her. A minute after meeting her she is instantly forgotten. Her friends have forgotten her and so has her family. She exists in a limbo world where the only footprint she is able to leave behind is a digital one. She must become a thief to survive She exists on the fringes, lurking on the dark net, selling what she has stolen while she stalks her next target. If anyone gets on her trail they are easily thrown as the minute they find her they forget who she is.

Hope primarily steals to survive or for the challenge until when she encounters Perfection. Perfection is a new social network program that rewards people for their life decisions; buy the ‘right’ fashions – extra points, change to the ‘right’ job – extra points. The more points you earn the more access it gives you, with the ultimate goal reaching the 106 Club. When Hope meets someone whose life has been ruined by Perfection she plots revenge and sets off events that lead to unimaginable consequences.

This was not my favourite Claire North novel but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. North has the uncanny ability to weave philosophical thoughts about body image, conformity and social media into a thriller that constantly keeps you guessing and transfixed until the final page. I can’t wait for, and have no idea, where she will go next!

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ISBN: 9780356504537 ISBN-10: 0356504530 Classification: Fiction & related items » Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) Format: Paperback (235mm x 158mm x 37mm) Pages: 480 Imprint: Orbit Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Publish Date: 19-May-2016 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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