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Turk Connally (Branch in the TV show) has moved on and a new deputy (as yet not in the TV series) is being trialed. It is the middle of winter and the snow is playing its part with full gusto. The second book centers around a death which seem incongruous at first. A woman has died in the town’s local assisted living home of apparent natural causes. However the town’s former sheriff, the man Walt succeeded, and resident of the same home is the only one crying foul play. This is enough for Walt to start digging and he unearths a mystery going back fifty years, a forbidden love affair and lucrative mining interests. Not only has the truth been buried digging it up proves to be just as elusive.

There is little wonder these books have been made into a TV series. Walt, Standing Bear and the irrepressible Vic Moretti form a wonderful core of characters. There is something wonderful about reading a mystery that isn’t trying to up the ante with quirky detectives, exaggerated killers and overly familiar settings. Small town Wyoming has more than enough issues to make any mystery brilliantly complex especially when the character are this good. Bring on the next one please.

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ISBN: 9780143038382 ISBN-10: 0143038389 Classification: Crime & mystery , Thriller / suspense Format: Paperback / softback (196mm x 131mm x 15mm) Pages: 271 Imprint: Penguin Books Publisher: Penguin Books Publish Date: 1-Mar-2007 Country of Publication: United States

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