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Dennis Lehane’s THE DROP

Dennis Lehane originally wrote this as a short story called “Animal Rescue”. He then turned it into a screenplay which is about to be released as a film starring James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy (set in Brooklyn instead of Boston). He then adapted the screenplay into a novella.

What I really loved about this book was it was vintage Lehane distilled into a potent and heady brew. Lehane has recently been working on a multi-generational, historical epic. Book three of which is due out early next year. This was a return to his working class roots where right and wrong a luxuries people cannot afford.

Bob tends bar for his cousin Marv. Marv was a loan shark and fence back in the day but those days are long gone. The Chechens, amongst others, have moved in and Marv now works for them. His bar, their bar now, is one of many drop points where money is collected from all the night’s many activities across the city. Bob is just trying to keep his head down and avoid any trouble. Except trouble has just walked in and wants to rob the joint.

Lehane effortlessly bring his characters vividly to life. This is a true craftsmen at work, building his pieces, putting them together and then sadly watching them fall apart. If you have ever wondered why such high praise is heaped upon Dennis Lehane, The Drop is why.

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