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I thought I restart at the beginning. This is probably Don Winslow’s most traditional crime novel. It is the classic PI story with only a slight twist. Neal Carey is a master pickpocket by the age of twelve when he finally nicks the wrong wallet. However his skills are instantly recognized and he’s talents are quickly put to better, more profitable, uses. Carey is trained to become a PI for a discreet firm servicing the East Coast elite. They not only train him in the dark arts of private investigation but also put him through school and college. He quickly becomes one of the firm’s best assets.

Winslow shows that even with his debut he is a master storyteller. While his signature style is only beginning his precise plotting and eye for details makes this a great page-turner especially when trouble is never too far away. Throw in 1970s London and you couldn’t get any further removed from the Mexican borderlands. I can’t wait to finally get to the other Neal Carey mysteries.



Open Road, December 2010 Imprint: Open Road ISBN:9781453206188

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