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Elmore Leonard’s RIDING THE RAP

Pronto finished with the Tommy Bucks shooting which launches Justified, however Riding The Rap has Raylan still working in Florida. Harry Arno, who Raylan helped out in Pronto, is trying to close down his bookmaking business but first he needs to collect his outstanding debts. In classic Elmore Leonard fashion the tables a quickly turned on Harry and through a sting involving a captivating psychic Harry finds himself, well kind of held for ransom.

This story was slightly borrowed for a first season episode of Justified and fans may recognize Chip Ganz and his table-turning, gardening partner. However the plot, thanks to the psychic and the fact that Raylan is dating Harry’s ex-girlfriend means things play out quite differently but still in a way we’ve come to expect from Elmore Leonard and Justified.

I’m sure there are a couple more Raylan stories out there. Karen Sisco turns up in Justified and knows Raylan so there must be an old story there. Plus Raylan refers to an incident in Panama in the show. If any Elmore Leonard fans know more Raylan stories please let me know. Otherwise it’s just the TV series I’ve got left to appreciate this great character from the genius which was Elmore Leonard.

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ISBN: 9780062122476 ISBN-10: 0062122479 Classification: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) Format: Paperback / softback (203mm x 140mm x 28mm) Pages: 338 Imprint: William Morrow & Company Publisher: William Morrow & Company Publish Date: 3-Jan-2012 Country of Publication: United States

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