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Helen Phillips’ THE NEED

This book is as brilliant and as petrifying as it looks. Helen Phillips skillfully taps into the worries, terrors and the paranoia's of all parents to create an existentialist thriller unlike anything you have possibly conceived before.

Molly is at her wits end. It is Friday night; she has just spent an exhaustive week on a dig site as a paleobotanist returning home to her 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. Meanwhile her husband has left for the next 7 days on a work trip. The novel opens with both children clutched her arms as she can hear footsteps in her house. Is there an intruder or is Molly so tired she is becoming delusional? What happens next is fiction at its utmost brilliance.

Gripping is an understatement when describing this book. It sinks its claws directly into you and will not let you go. Even when you put this book down it will haunt your dreams and thoughts. However not in the terrifying way you are probably imagining. Without giving anything away this book examines parenthood in all its guises. It taps into to all the feelings being a parent brings out, good and bad, and turns them back on, not only you as a reader, but Molly herself.

A book you will not only never forget but one you will want to talk about with as many other people as you can!

Title: The Need

Author: Helen Phillips

Edition: 1

Publisher: Penguin Australia Pty Ltd

ISBN: 9780143795957

Format: PaperBack

Category: General Fiction

Publication Date: 15/07/2019

Pages: 272