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First Shift: Legacy gave us a glimpse out how the silos were built and followed an operator at Silo 1, woken for his first shift. This story is that of his next shift many years later. Silos are being lost. Some have had to be destroyed while others have gone offline and Silo 1 needs to find out what is going wrong and how they can fix it.

Meanwhile Mission Jones, a porter whose job it is to deliver goods within a silo, witnesses first hand the unravelling and the breaking down of society within the silo. It is slow and unnoticeable at first but soon revolution becomes inevitable. Unless it can be stopped.

“That word means something else, you know,” his father had told him once, when Mission had spoken of revolution. “It also means to go around and around. To revolve. One revolution, and you get right back to where you started”

I am loving these books so much. Be careful when you get to the end of this book though because there is a hidden epilogue (easy to miss in an eBook). Hugh Howey gives us a small taste of what to expect in Third Shift as well as a hint about the third volume of the Silo trilogy Dust. But wait there’s more. If your appetite hasn’t been whetted enough Howey throws up an ending that will have you dying to read more. It may even have you considering rereading Wool (which I just might!).

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