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Jamie wanted this MINISTRY OF FOOD to empower anybody with the confidence to get into the kitchen and cook rather than rely on ready-made or takeaway meals. Even though it is pitched at the non-cook it is also a fantastic cookbook for those that like to cook but are time poor. Many of the recipes are base-recipes that can be expanded upon or added to and you will find yourself using techniques and ideas from this book in other recipes (like chopping up coriander stalks!).

The sections I most use are the “Tasty Stir Fries”, “Easy Curries” and “Quick-cooking Meat”. I used to use the dreaded jars to make my curries, mainly because of time, but I will never touch a jar recipe again after cooking the curries in this book. You have the option of making your own curry paste but you can use ready-made ones as well. Not only are the curries easy to do they are also all under an hour so are great for mid-week meals (rather than having to wait for the weekend and cook for 5 hours). Jamie’s Crunchy Garlic Chicken is now our staple chicken sch

A week doesn’t go by without at least one meal being cooked from MINISTRY OF FOOD but often it is more. I can’t wait to get cooking with 30 MINUTE MEALS, it looks like the perfect companion cookbook!

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