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It is the 1950s and the baby boom is in full swing with the next generation of Langdons expanding across the country. The Cold War is in full swing and it reaches everywhere from politics to psychiatry to farming. We continue to follow the first generation of Langdons as they make their way in the world but also start to follow the next generation as they try to find theirs. America is booming and the possibilities seem endless and that in itself creates its own problems. Jane Smiley once again charts us through key moments in history; JFK, Vietnam, Jonestown and Nixon-Carter-Reagan as the backdrop to the ups and downs of the extended Langdon family.

The changes in American society become much more evident in this book. They were only slightly touched on in Some Luck, subtly through the different methods of child rearing and parenting the first generation of Langdons employed compared to their parents. Smiley also cleverly shows the recurring personality traits across families and generations and how each of them is dealt with differently and has different outcomes and consequences.

Having already been sucked into the Langdon family in Some Luck I shared all their highs and lows in this book. Jane Smiley made me laugh, made me celebrate, made be worry and made me cry; just like a real family! I can’t for the final book, Golden Age, which will take us from the 1980s through to the modern-day. I can’t get enough of this trilogy and am going to miss a lot of characters when I finish. I can’t recommend this trilogy highly enough.

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ISBN: 9781447275664 ISBN-10: 1447275667 Classification: Fiction & related items » Historical fiction Format: Paperback (198mm x 129mm x mm) Pages: 768 Imprint: Picador Publisher: Pan Macmillan Publish Date: 10-Sep-2015 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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