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Jeff VanderMeer’s ANNIHILATION

Annihilation is also the first book in a serial, The Southern Reach Trilogy. So now that the third book has been released (all three were published this year) I finally got the push to start it. And immediately regretted not reading it sooner. Part early Michael Crichton (the good stuff) and part original Alien movie (and part something else but I can’t say because SPOILER!!), I was instantly hooked.

Jeff VanderMeer has written an intriguing science fiction story set in the not-to-distant future. A wide area of land has been cordoned off from the world for thirty years after some kind of environmental catastrophe. Attempts to investigate the area have all been met with disaster. Four scientists; a biologist, a surveyor, an anthropologist and a psychologist; must journey into this possibly dangerous unknown as part of the twelfth expedition. As they conduct their investigation a wicked sense of foreboding slowly builds with a not quite present horror. Nothing is as it seems as the scientists are slowly influenced by the environment around them but also from within. All of which, of course, makes for addictive reading.

I may have been late to this series but I also have the benefit of not having to wait for book two which I am going to dive straight into.

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ISBN: 9780007550692 ISBN-10: 0007550693 Classification: Science fiction Format: Paperback (216mm x 135mm x mm) Pages: 208 Imprint: Fourth Estate Ltd Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Publish Date: 4-Feb-2014 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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