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The final battle for America and the New World will not be fought with armies, but in the quiet and the dark, by individuals, driven towards vengeance and annihilation.

I devoured this book as soon as it turned up as I have been dying to see how the series would end (or if it would). Birmingham has skilfully managed to give each book in the series uniqueness but at the same time joining them seamlessly.

WITHOUT WARNING, which I think was originally meant to be a stand alone, was built brilliantly on the premise of America being completely wiped out on the eve of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It was predominately a political thriller as Birmingham explored all the permutations of a world without America.

AFTER AMERICA was classic book two stuff (think Empire Strikes Back). It was dominated by the attempted takeover of New York by hostile forces. The political element was still there but this was full-scale action played out on an epic stage.

ANGELS OF VENGEANCE is the fiery conclusion. Birmingham scales back the story and gets up close and personal with two characters familiar to readers from books one and two and one that has been on the periphery of the first two books. What is really fantastic is that they are all female. This action-packed, viscerally violent, intriguing page-turner is driven by three strong female leads.

As the titles suggests book three is all about settling scores. From the jungles of South America to the “new Deadwood” that is now Darwin, Birmingham builds the action towards the final showdown we’ve been waiting for since WITHOUT WARNING. It’s not all roses for our heroes but I wouldn’t want it to be , that’d be boring. A great ending to a great series that makes you think, makes you laugh out loud and leaves you gasping for breath!

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