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After reading Old Man’s War I practically dived straight into the sequel. And it is the best kind of sequel, one that stands perfectly on its own, continues the universe already established with a couple of characters from the first book but takes a whole new tangent.

After establishing the Colonial Defense Force (CDF) in the first book; and the fact that its solders are made up of people from Earth over seventy-five years old who are given new, enhanced bodies; we were briefly introduced to the CDF Special Forces or “Ghost Brigades”. For the follow up Scalzi throws into one of these platoons, but with a brilliant twist.

Jane Sagan from the first book returns but the main character is Jared Dirac, a freshly born/created CDF Special Forces soldier. But Jared has another purpose. After a prominent scientist defects to a hostile, alien race the CDF must try and reconstruct his consciousness to uncover the rogue’s scientist true motivations and stop him before he plunges the entire universe into war. Jared is the host for this consciousness and no one is really sure if it is going to work and if it does work what the consequences will be.

Scalzi again blends wicked humour and pulsating action with some really great science fiction. I am now a total convert to this genre and am determined to read as much of this series as quickly as possible!

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ISBN: 9780765354068 ISBN-10: 0765354063 Classification: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) Format: Paperback (174mm x 106mm x 26mm) Pages: 374 Imprint: St Martin’s Press Publisher: St Martin’s Press Publish Date: 29-Jun-2007 Country of Publication: United States

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