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Max Brooks’ WORLD WAR Z

The movie was a welcome change from the slow (slow) burn of The Walking Dead and even though the book’s zombies were back to the more traditional shambling zombies the scope of the book was also refreshing from the, bordering on tedious, Walking Dead.

The book is told as an oral history, very similar to many of the military history books I love. The “author” has been writing a report for the UN on the Zombie War but hasn’t been able to included many of the personal stories he encountered while researching his official report. The book is therefore the “history book” of the war.

The ‘author’ interviews people from all around the world and who have all had various experiences during the war. We hear from soldiers, doctors, divers, politicians, civilians. We learn how the zombie plague spread and how the world reacted to it. Brooks brings some really interesting ideas to the zombie genre. I especially loved the military reaction. Conventional weapons and tactics proved ineffectual and had to change. The big one being it was impossible to instill fear against a brainless, undead horde. The way Brooks demonstrates all the different worldwide reactions is fascinating and makes for compelling reading.

If you are growing weary with The Walking Dead this is the boost you need.

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ISBN: 9780715643099 ISBN-10: 0715643096 Classification: Science fiction Format: Paperback (198mm x 129mm x mm) Pages: 342 Imprint: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd Publish Date: 16-May-2013 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Audio ISBN: 9780804165730 ISBN-10: 0804165734 Classification: Horror & ghost stories , War & combat fiction Format: CD-Audio (154mm x 130mm x 30mm) Imprint: Random House Audio Publisher: Random House Audio Publish Date: 4-Jun-2013 Country of Publication: United States

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