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My Year in Reading - 2019

If you want to know what my favourite reads of 2019 were click here. You can also see my favourite books of the past 10 years here as it is the end of the decade.

One of the things I’ve done on my blog and with my reading over the past 5 years has been to track my reading. The main reason I started this was to track the gender of authors I was reading but it has also thrown up some other interesting trends in my reading every year. So here are my results for this year:

In 2019 I read 75 books which was 6 more books than last year. It could have been even higher but my reading did tail off in the last two months of this year. My author gender ratio was a majority female for the second year in a row and increased to 53%.

My book formats made a dramatic shift in 2019. I read 3 eBooks in 2019, the first time for quite awhile and my print book reading overtook audiobooks for the first time in years as I switched from driving to work to catching public transport.

Fiction again accounted for the overwhelming majority of my reading in 2019 with my non fiction reading decreasing slightly.

American writers again dominated my reading. But I increased my Australian reading by 10% in 2019. One of my goals in 2019 was to try and read a more diverse range of nationalities. As part of this goal I tried to read at least one book from every continent and South America was the only continent I didn’t read from in 2019. But I did manage to read authors from 11 different countries, 6 more than last year.

My goal for 2020 is to try and read more non fiction while keeping up or even increasing the ratios I achieved this year.