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Nic Pizzolatto’s GALVESTON

Roy Cady is a bagman who has just been diagnosed with cancer and sent on a job where he thinks his boss has tried to have him whacked. Now on the run he must navigate his way from New Orleans to East Texas with a young woman and her sister in tow. Roy is conflicted between his own short-term survival and that of the two girls now under his protection.

Just like True Detective Pizzolatto shifts time perception to perfection, drip feeding you bits of information, past and future, that leave you craving to know more.The raw emotion of Roy Cady is brutally and poignantly displayed and the way Pizzolatto describes the gulf coast landscape is an amazing blend of desolation and beauty.

We already know from True Detective that Nic Pizzolatto knows how to tell a story. Galveston proves that this talent was evident well before his HBO series. I can’t wait to dive into his short story collection but might save it for when re-watching True Detective is no longer enough while eagerly awaiting Season 2, whatever that will be.

Via Buzz Feed A list of dark, weird, and southern gothic books that every fan of HBO’s True Detective should read.

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ISBN: 9780751557084 Format: Paperback Imprint: Sphere Publisher: Hachette Publish Date: 08-Apr-2014 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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