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Peter Stenson’s FIEND

Chase is a meth addict. When he sees a little girl attack a rottweiler he’s pretty sure he is seeing things. But when the little girl then turns on him and his best friend Type he’s knows he’s not hallucinating and that they have both missed the end of the world because of a drug fueled binge. Now they must fight for their survival, which is not that big a stretch for them considering they have had more than enough practice trying to get a fix everyday.

This novel starts off great and has some really wicked humour littered throughout. Unfortunately the schtick gets tired very quickly especially when the methamphetamines they are addicted too seems to also be the only thing keeping them alive. A few more twists would have been nice and a little bit less gratuitous drug use as well as it all becomes a bit glorified halfway through the book.

With zombie stories back in a big way at the moment this needed a little something extra to get it across the line. In the end it felt a little too similar to its tag line of ‘Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead’ with the originals far, far better. The Girl With All The Gifts was a better zombie story told from a different angle and Zone One did zombie satire way better too. This was good entertainment but possibly had the potential for more.

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ISBN: 9780099558835 ISBN-10: 0099558831 Classification: Horror & ghost stories Format: Paperback (198mm x 129mm x 19mm) Pages: 304 Imprint: Windmill Books Publisher: Cornerstone Publish Date: 5-Jun-2014 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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