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Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham’s VERONICA MARS: Mr. Kiss and Tell

Veronica is hired by The Neptune Grand to look into the case of a guest who has been brutally assaulted while staying at the hotel. The victim has accused a member of staff of the assault except the staff member has been deported while the victim was recovering. The victim is now claiming damages against the hotel and the hotel’s insurance company has hired Veronica to look into the case. When she discovers who the victim is the case gets very personal for Veronica Mars.

Again this reads exactly like one of your favourite episodes of the show and it is great that we get the chance to see the story continue. Just like the TV show there are a number of subplots weaved through the story that tie up a couple of loose ends from the movie. Weevil, Logan and Leo all feature prominently as well as our favourite lawyer Cliff McCormack and the new Sheriff Lamb has a fight on his hands as he stands for re-election. The main story throws up some very good twists and like the TV show doesn’t shy away from confronting the issues it raises.

My only gripe is with the publisher classification of the novel as Young Adult. For starters the book is based on characters from ten years ago so fans are going to be ten years older than the original demographic as are the characters. Veronica Mars is not a teen detective anymore, she’s a detective. Grown up and bona fide. Secondly the storyline (SPOILER ALERT) deals with rape and prostitution. Not your general YA fare. I’m not saying don’t give it to teens but I think classifying it as Young Adult gives the wrong impression to the audience and it alienates original Veronica Mars fans who might not find the book in the YA section.

Otherwise if you are a Ronnie Mars fan, you gotta read this!

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ISBN: 9781760112370 ISBN-10: 1760112372 Classification: Crime & mystery fiction (Children’s / Teenage) Format: Paperback (198mm x 128mm x mm) Pages: 336 Imprint: Allen & Unwin Children’s Books Publisher: Allen & Unwin Publish Date: 1-Feb-2015 Country of Publication: Australia

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