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Nick Mason was petty crook. An expert car thief who moved up with his tight knit crew to robbery and burglary. After trying to go straight and start a family Nick is convinced to do one last job, a big score that will set him up for life. But the job goes sour, his friend is killed along with a DEA agent and Nick winds up doing 25 years in a Federal prison. He loses everything. His wife. His daughter. His House. His whole life. Nick would do anything to take it back. Anything.

So Nick makes a deal. A contract without terms. Nick gets the chance at a second life and is back on the street after only 5 years of his sentence. But Nick quickly learns being out of prison doesn’t make him free. Now he’s got to work for his freedom, his second life, and his new job involves doing things Nick swore he’d never do and working for people he really doesn’t want to know. Added to Nick’s complicated new life is that there are more than few people who were happy to see him go behind bars, and they are not happy he is now free. Not happy at all.

Hamilton has created a fantastic character in Nick Mason. Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty but will only go so far. Hamilton keeps the story moving all the time and has you guessing every step of the way as Nick navigates his way through the deal he has made and the consequences the deal has for his new life. There has been a lot of buzz about this book in the US and all of it true. This is one of those great thrillers that demands to be picked up every time you put it down (if you can put it down!) and tears along at maximum speed when you are reading it. I can’t wait for more of Nick Mason.

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ISBN: 9780399574320 ISBN-10: 0399574328 Classification: Fiction & related items » Crime & mystery Format: Hardback (236mm x 162mm x 26mm) Pages: 304 Imprint: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Publish Date: 17-May-2016 Country of Publication: United States

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