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Sylvain Neuvel’s SLEEPING GIANTS

When a giant hand is unearthed in mid-West United States nobody knows what is or what it means. Is it the remnants of an ancient civilization? Has it been left behind by other beings? Or is it a possible weapon? When other pieces begin to be discovered a team of scientists are assembled to find out what it all means and try to answer these questions. What they discover threatens to change the world, and the universe, as we know it.

Told in the form of interviews and debriefings the immediate comparison for this book is World War Z and there is a bit of a Pacific Rim element too. The story unfolds over 20 years as new discoveries are made and the puzzle of the discovered pieces are put together. The form of the interviews keeps you guessing and unfolds some really great plot twists along the way. While it doesn’t reach the same heights as The Martian or Wool it is just as enjoyable and I can’t wait for more books in the series!

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ISBN: 9780718181697 ISBN-10: 0718181697 Classification: Fiction & related items » Science fiction Format: Paperback Pages: 320 Imprint: Michael Joseph Ltd Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Publish Date: 16-May-2016 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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