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Taylor Jenkins Reid’s DAISY JONES & THE SIX

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

“Everyone was there. Everyone Remembers it differently.”

This book is an absolute firecracker of a novel. The fuse is lit the moment you open the book. It sparks and crackles as it burns as you get to know each character and the story builds until it explodes with every emotion you can think of; joy, despair, elation, misery, excitement and more. Your pulse literally races as you read this book and you will have a smile on your face one moment and be reaching for tissues the next. You will want to read the whole thing in one go and then sit down and listen to the great music of the era it depicts.

The book tells the story of the band Daisy Jones & The Six. Their emergence in the American Rock & Roll scene of the 1970s to them hitting the top of the charts and then their consequent implosion at the end of the decade. Told as a series of interviews with each member of the band, their manager and other key people around the band the book recounts the history of the group. From humble beginnings as brothers, Billy and Graham Dunne first form the band The Six to the rise of Daisy Jones from hanging around clubs and bands on the Sunset Strip in LA to her becoming an icon of the decade. Each person involved in both the band and Daisy Jones’ career describes how The Six and Daisy’s careers evolved and then fatefully intersected where they went on to create one of the seminal albums of the era. And the cost that it had on them all.

The story is constructed brilliantly. As you get to know everyone involved you see how the truth is distorted and overlooked. How different perspectives create layers that can shroud the truth and amplify it. How some secrets can still remain hidden and, most importantly, how myth and legend is born. Taylor Jenkins Reid does an amazing job recreating the 70s scene the band exists in; the drugs, the fashion, the music. You can feel the magic as the band is creating and recording the album that will become their masterpiece. The raw emotion poured into each song as it is written and the intense passion as each song is performed. The whole book bristles with the electricity. You are there in the studio, you can almost hear every song, your foot is almost tapping to the beat of every track. You want this band to be real. Taylor Jenkins Reid makes you believe they are.

This is the best book I’ve read this year for the whole experience it delivers and the complete hole in my heart now I have finished. If this book was an album I would read it on repeat all night long.

You can listen to a Daisy Jones & The Six soundtrack here

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