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Why THE POWER OF THE DOG must be made into a TV mini-series (hopefully by HBO)

Don Winslow spent seven years researching the book but has still written a fast paced page-turner that is impossible to put down. Set on the US/Mexican border the novel spans 30 years of the War on Drugs. Winslow sucks you in with great characters on both sides of the law and both sides of the border. The good guys are bad, the bad guys are good and the whole War is a complete and utter tragic farce. The thriller is so spot on it has even been referenced in non-fiction books on the drug war in Mexico.

Hollywood has also been slow to find him. The first venture to the screen was the truly abysmal The Death & Life of Bobby Z. This was a brilliant book that just fell absolutely flat on screen. I think it even ended up being a straight to DVD release. The Winter of Frankie Machine was optioned by none other than Robert De Niro who also wanted to star but I don’t think even pre-production has begun on that

But Hollywood and Don Winslow might have finally cracked it with Savages. Winslow has penned the screenplay and Oliver Stone is in the director’s chair and the early reviews are already hailing it as the next Pulp Fiction and Stone’s best work in a decade. Hopefully Savages is the big break Winslow deserves with readers and with Hollywood.

PS If you’ve already read The Power of the Dog who do you think should star in a TV mini-series?

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