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William Boyd’s SOLO

I am a huge William Boyd fan and he is perfectly suited to write a classic Bond novel. Set in the late 60s this is James Bond minus the gadgets. Boyd has set his Bond firmly in Fleming’s universe using an obituary of James Bond from You Only Live Twice as his template. But he has also brought his own skill and knowledge to bare on this classic character.

William Boyd is not unfamiliar with Ian Fleming using his as a background character in Any Human Heart. He is also no stranger to the nuances and minutiae of the spy genre. Boyd is also very familiar with Africa and brings all that to bare with his James Bond story. His Bond is also a little older than we are used to and is very much in the Sean Connery mold (although Boyd has said he’d like Daniel Day-Lewis to play his Bond).

All the elements that make James Bond a classic are here; the bravado, the suaveness, the women and the villains. Boyd has fun playing within and outside the conventions we all know so well while also bring a freshness to the story and the characters. If you’re an Ian Fleming Bond fan I imagine you are in for a treat. If you’re a William Boyd fan don’t turn your nose up at a Bond novel, you will love this too.


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ISBN: 9780224097482 Classification: Espionage & spy thriller Format: Paperback (236mm x 155mm x 26mm) Pages: 336 Imprint: Jonathan Cape Ltd Publisher: Vintage Publish Date: 26-Sep-2013 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Audio ISBN: 9781846573774 Format: CD-Audio (142mm x 139mm x 15mm) Imprint: Random House Audiobooks Publisher: Cornerstone Publish Date: 26-Sep-2013 Country of Publication: United Kingdom

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